Diagram Of Blood Vessels Developing Atherosclerosis

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Diagram Of Blood Vessels Developing Atherosclerosis - atherosclerosis risk factors such as smoking hyperlipidaemia and hypertension irritate the endothelial cells of the tunica intima atherosclerosis plaque is made up of fat cholesterol calcium and other substances found in the blood the narrowing of arteries limits the flow of oxygen rich blood to parts of the body diagnosis is based upon a physical exam electrocardiogram and exercise stress test among others p div class b factrow b twofr div class b vlist2col ul li div span medication span a title statins href search q statin wikipedia form lfactre h id serp 5150 1 statins a span span a title high blood pressure medication href search q high blood pressure medication wikipedia form lfactre h id serp 5152 1 high blood pressure medication a span span a title aspirin href search q aspirin wikipedia form lfactre h id serp 5154 1 aspirin a div li li div symptoms none div li ul ul li div causes.
unknown div li li div usual onset youth worsens with age div li ul div div div li 6 things that make atherosclerosis more likely most men with ed have risks that make them more likely to get atherosclerosis such as atherosclerosis in family members high cholesterol levels high blood pressure diabetes obesity smoking atherosclerosis is caused by repeated injury to the walls of arteries many factors contribute to this injury including high blood pressure tobacco smoke diabetes and high levels of cholesterol in the blood blood vessel blockage due to atherosclerosis is a mon cause of heart attack and stroke large elastic arteries e g aorta arch vessels iliac and pulmonary arteries in this type elastic fibers alternate with smooth muscle cells throughout the media which expands during systole storing some of the energy of each cardiac contraction and recoils during diastole to propel blood.
distally infarcation development the term myocardial infarction is derived from myocardium the heart muscle and infarction tissue death atherosclerosis the deposition of cholesterol on and in the walls of the arteries narrows the lumen decreases blood flow and forms rough surfaces that may cause intravascular clot formation atherosclerosis hardening and narrowing of the arteries silently and slowly blocks arteries putting blood flow at risk it s the usual cause of heart attacks strokes and peripheral what is atherosclerosis is a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen rich blood to your heart and other parts of your body plaque is made up of fat cholesterol calcium and other substances found in the blood

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